Editorial June 2018

It is said that as the GDP of any society grows, its consumption of non ferrous metals also starts increasing. In India, we are witnessing this transition for the last two decades, or more specifically from 1993 when India adopted liberal model of the economy and facilitated globalization.

Aluminium and copper are rightly called as ‘Metals of 21stCentury’. As we can see, the downstream processes like rolling, casting, extrusion, forging can produce different components / products from the primary metal and serve a variety of applications in the industry or otherwise.

Today, unfortunately industry is projected as some sort of enemy of environment and common man by the media for the reasons best known to them. It is said to be damaging the environment including the land water and air. There are so called environmentalists, NGOs shouting how ‘industry’ is bad for the society. The common man too believes these allegations as they are hammered hard and repeatedly and secondly, there is no industry forum supporting the industry’s cause and bringing the actual facts on the table. Today, every factory has to follow very strict environmental regulations and they are being monitored and checked on a regular basis. I know many companies which actually improve the environment. Their manufacturing units are in fact greener than outside land. They plant trees, improve water table, employ the latest technology to prevent emission of hazardous gases. Mind well, this is apart from the regular CSR activities being carried out. Needless to mention about their tremendous contribution to national economy by creating jobs and helping to improve the GDP.

Its time now to tell our society loud and clear that we industry professionals do understand the importance of environment and try our best to protect and nurture it. At the same time, we have the responsibility to provide livelihood to our society and we try to achieve this by doing minimum or no harm to the environment.


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